A Brief History of i2i

My Cousin Dr Dom was the founder of the group in the late 90s. Using techniques he had acquired in his professional career, he transformed behaviour using psychological techniques along with simple riding techniques explained in a way that makes sense. After many years of success the group which was originally voluntary, had become so busy it was taking more and more time to manage. Having already grown another company Dr Dom decided in 2005 that he would look for a way to either get someone new to take things further, or stop the training altogether. That was the point where I began my training to teach as I had already been one of the helpers on events for a few years before and my riding was at a standard which was good enough. In 2006 Emma and, I with Dr Doms support formed a company and have never looked back.

Over the years we have changed and created more events based on experience and customer feedback. Our participants are very important to us, and this is reflected in the fact the most of our helpers now, were at some stage a participant who liked our style of training and the overall experience with us. This I think is one of the greatest achievements a company can hope for, imagine if all other companies providing a service were so good that customers would eventually go back and help that company for free!!! It seems completely unimaginable, but true.

The i2i Motorcycle Academy Team look forward to making your experience with us so good, that you will want to come back again and again.